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Plataforma empresarial que se centra en personalizar y movilizar procesos comerciales de SAP.

Liquid UI is an enterprise platform that helps organizations optimize, mobilize and automate their SAP business processes. It has been around for 20 years.


Liquid UI provides a development environment and a multi-touchpoint framework that allows a single version of an SAP ERP application to be customized for different needs.Combine the ease of use of applicationsiOS with the management and implementation simplicity of SAP GUI.

Liquid UI allows companies to:

• Streamline, mobilize and automate your SAP business processes.

• Customize your SAP without rebuilding.

• Extend SAP ERP mobile connectivity to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

• Take advantage of device-specific features, such as the camera to scan barcodes.

• Integration with web services and Safari.


• Make your existing SAP infrastructure adapt to advanced technologies such as IoT.


Liquid UI is designed to improve SAP user experiences by providing personalization and mobility solutions. It allows organizations to adapt their existing SAP infrastructure for more efficient operations.

Mobile accessibility

Liquid UI extends SAP connectivity to mobile devices, including iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices, allowing users to access SAP functionality on the go12.


It allows organizations to customize their SAP interfaces and processes, improving usability and efficiency345.

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